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Back Offices MATTER!


Back office procedures such as Bookkeeping, Accounting, Human Resources, Administration, and Tax Analysis have taken a back seat to the more “glamorous” jobs in finance, recruiting, and investment in recent years. However, we here at DMP Management believe that these back office procedures are the foundation to building, growing, and sustaining a great business. By focusing on these areas we lay help businesses position themselves for the present and future. 

We want to help both businesses and individuals change their futures for the better and we do that by providing all the services needed to keep you up and running all the time.

Daniel Pho, MBA


Efficiency and process are two of the biggest things I tell my clients can change their business. I believe that everyone can improve their position by having real time access to their financial data to make great individual and business decisions. Talk with me today to find out how we can change your future!

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